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Fall,Winter & Spring Salmon River/Tributary Fishing

Full Day Guided King & Coho Salmon

$450.00 per day(rate is same for 1 or 2 people)

(Saturday or Sunday $500)

6 hours of angling or until you catch your limit (whichever comes first) for Salmon on the world famous Salmon River or Black River. You'll fish in a comfortable 17ft drift boat that fishes up to 3 people max.

Guided Night Trip for King & Coho Salmon

$450.00 per evening (rate is same for 1 or 2 people)

(Saturday or Sunday $500)

6 hours of angling or until you catch your limit (whichever comes first) for Salmon on the world famous Salmon River or Black River estuaries . These are some of my favorite trips! Fighting Salmon in the pitch dark

Guided Monster Brown Trout Fishing $600.00 per day (Rate is based on group of 3 people)

6 hours long of fishing for the huge numbers of Lake Ontario run brown trout. This trip is strictly wading and is conducted on select tributaries of Lake Ontario. These fishing trips will leave you in " jaw dropping " disbelief when you see the numbers and size of our brown trout. This is by far the best brown trout fishing in the country! !!!

Full Day Guided Steelhead Fishing

$400.00 per day (rate is same for 1 or 2 people)

( Saturday or Sunday rate $450)

6-8 hours long of fishing for the huge numbers of steelhead on the Salmon River. These fish are full of fight and provide us with a world-class trout fishery like no other. Some places have numbers, others have size, but the Salmon River has both!

Oneida Lake Walleye Charters

June Oneida Lake Walleye Charters - 6 hour charter - $525 per day (Rate is based on group of up to 3 people)

June is when we switch gears and move south to the famous Oneida Lake !! We jig great quality walleyes right off the boat with light action spinning gear ! This trip is a definite "hands on " approach to walleye fishing for sure . Oneida boasts a very diverse fishery and there's a lot more than walleyes swimming in there ! Walleye , Monster smallmouth bass, perch, carp, freshwater drum and catfish can all be had in one day !

Reservation and Cancellation Policy


Personal checks & Money Orders:

A deposit of $200 per each day of fishing is required to confirm your reservation. We allow 10 days to receive out of state checks. If we don’t receive the check in 10 days, we will cancel the reservation.

Please Make Check or money order Payable to “Joshua day”

Mailing address:

Po Box 54

Mannsville NY 13661

Credit Card Information:

Credit card numbers are taken at confirmation the time that ANY reservations are made. A deposit of 50% per each day for each boat of fishing is required for credit cardholders to confirm your reservation. Due to recent dramatic credit card fee increases, we are forced to apply a 5% surcharge on all credit card transactions for our fishing trips.


Read and completely understand our cancellation policy at the time of booking

Our cancellation policy is at least 15 days notice. If you cancel within that 15 days we will charge you 100% of the total bill. If some of your group cancels during the 15 days we will expect that seat to be paid for. Rescheduling a trip within this 15 day period is considered a cancellation. Since most trips are booked way in advance, last minute cancellations usually mean lost revenue for that day, and although we understand things do come up and want to work with you as much as possible, our policy is strict. If you do need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible. 

Cancellation Information:


  • If you cancel 30 days or more before the trip, we will be happy to reschedule your fishing trip to another date.
  • If you cancel 30 days or less before the trip, you will forfeit the full amount of the deposit.
  • If you cancel 15 days or less before the trip, or are a no show, you will be charged the full price of the reservation.
  • If someone of your group cancels during the 15 days we will expect that seat to still be paid for.

Cancellations Due To Weather Or Water Conditions:

If the trip is forced to cancel because of bad weather or water conditions, we can reschedule your fishing date at your convenience. Postponed trips due to weather , river and or lake conditions are at the discretion of Wack’em Guide Service. All deposits will be held and your trip will be rescheduled within one calendar year. Remember, we do not enjoy fishing in poor conditions any more than you do. Our goal is for you to have a memorable and safe trip.


We do our best to provide you with the most enjoyable fishing experience possible . Tips are appreciated by the guide(s). Gratuities show your appreciation for the services you receive while fishing with Wack’em Guide Service and are an important part of the guides overall compensation. Because they are personal and subjective matters, guests choose to tip in many ways. Some of the general guidelines are as follows for drift boat guides: 15%-20% (percent) per trip per person